Louis Vuitton Replica for Father’s Day

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Louis Vuitton campaign for Fathers Day

Does this guy look like your dad? LV for Father's Day!

I receive the Louis Vuitton handbags newsletter in my inbox every month, and today it actually served as my reminder that father’s day is coming up…really soon. It’s a good thing for Louis, crap!

It also reminded me how much my dad could use some fashion help. He’s a pretty handsome guy, I mean maybe one day back…way, way back he looked a little like the guy in the LV ad above…just a bit.

It also reminded me (man, I should hire whoever sends this newsletter to be my personal assistant) how much Louis Vuitton replica there is for men, and how little people know about it. Some of my favorite replica sites have huge men’s collections. The Louis Vuitton monogram after all is about as unisex as it gets. Add to that the Suhali leather, the Damier canvas, Monogram Luggage, briefcases, backpacks, wallets—there’s a ton of Louis Vuitton replica to keep a man looking dapper for years. We’re all just too blinded by the handbags to notice….

I know what my dad’s getting. An LV Monogram billfold. What do you think? Would your dad like it?

replica Louis Vuitton bill fold

A great example of a replica Louis Vuitton bill fold. Photo courtesy of Replica Sun.

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