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Louis Vuitton Replica Melrose Avenue Handbags

Louis Vuitton Replica Melrose Avenue Purse

Here’s my new favorite Louis Vuitton replica for days when I’ve either got business to conduct or at least want to give that impression, if you know what I mean. The LV Melrose Avenue handbag is a sharp, formal, classy, heavy duty Vernis leather purse with a touch of glam, and a whole dose of sophisticate.

This new line of LV Vernis bags from the 2009 collection has been out and available in the Vuitton boutiques since July 1st. I first started seeing it on replica sites about a month ago though. Besides the Melrose Avenue you can also have an Alma or Neverfull in this look, each of which are a little more chic than formal, but generally have the same feel as this one.
Louis Vuitton Melrose Avenue Handbag Close Up
The LV Monogram Melrose Avenue comes in two dim and elegant colors: Amarante and Bleu Nuit. The Amarente is pictured above, the Bleu Nuit is kind of a grey blue. For some reason I actually like the Melrose in this color and the Alma in blue.

For an original you’re looking at $2490 and you’ll want to go to the store or to the Louis Vuitton handbags website. I actually just looked on Eluxury and it seems like the site has changed. Do they not sell LV bags anymore?

I bought my replica for $265 and am very happy with it. Here are the specs of what I got which from looking at the Louis Vuitton website match the original:

  • Monogram Vernis patent leather exterior
  • textile lining and leather trim
  • shiny golden brass hardware (press lock closure, locket, metallic feet)
  • rolled patent leather handles (can be carried in hand or over shoulder)
  • interior pocket
  • Dimensions: 14.1″ x 9.8″ x 4.3″
Details of the LV Vernis Melrose Avenue Purse

Details of the LV Vernis Melrose Avenue

Lookout For Plastic Vernis Bags
I’ve always noticed that the poor quality replica LV Vernis bags tend to look plastic, but the good ones have a nicely textured patent leather, just like the original. This is something to look out for with this bag. You don’t want that glossy shine to look like a cellophane bag. There’s a fine line between glamorous and gaudy there.

This purse is everywhere lately so if you like it you have the benefit of being able to check it out on several blogs to work up that salivating desire before you actually buy it…I mean to make a calm, well thought out decision before buying one. Yes, that’s what I mean…Go buy the Louis Vuitton Melrose Avenue! It’s gorgeous!

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