New Years` Resolutions That You Can Keep (and Involve Great Handbags!)

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I`ve got a love/hate relationship with the New Year`s Resolution. On the one hand, I hate all the silly, vague resolutions that get tossed around each and every year but are totally impractical. You know the kind – the ‘go to the gym more, ‘ read War and Peace, ’Lose 20 pounds’ variety… But, on the other hand, I do like the idea of starting the year off on a positive note with clear goals. So, this year I decided that I would actually make resolutions and actually keep them but in order to do so, I`ve got to have clear, achievable goals. No more impractical statements as resolutions, this year I`m taking care of business and I just might include treating myself to a new Louis Vuitton Empreinte in one of these!

1. Clean Out My Closets. This is a big one, but I`m proud to say that I`ve already started. If you`re like me, you`ve probably got jeans from 2003 kicking in the back of your closet – get rid of them! There`s no point hanging on to things that you`ll never wear – this just creates clutter. Clear up your life and your look (and free up space for current trends) and take those old clothes down to the Goodwill.

2. Make a Budget. I spend too much on clothes, there`s not doubt about it. But, a bigger problem than plain spending too much is not knowing how much you spend. I`ve started the year by making a budget so I know exactly how much I can afford to spend on handbags each month. Now I can buy a replica LV Empreinte Artsy (pictured above) guilt free because I`ve budgeted for it!

3. Wear Colours. We`ve all seen how vibrant the Spring 2011 collections are and I, for one, am determined to wear these bold, bright colors fearlessly. I will not hide behind dark shades! This year, I will be vivid, vivacious, vibrant!

4. De-stress Your Life. At first glance, this looks like one of those impractical resolutions I mentioned, so let`s make it specific. This year I`m using my organizer to schedule Eva time. Each day I`m giving myself just a bit of time to kick back and read a book, go to the spa, go for a swim, or get a message. Just a few minutes a day to relax can do wonders for your piece of mind. And, if you`re relaxed and happy you`re more likely to meet the daily demands placed on you.

5. Treat Yourself. I`m making sure to treat myself this year. I`m making a note: when things get really stressful, when I accomplish something great, or when I meet a goal, I`m going to do something nice for myself. I have a sneaking suspicion that I`ll be treating myself to handbags!

What New Years Resolutions do you have and how are you going to make them happen?

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