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Réinventer, de recréer, de reconstruire. This french motto (made by me), is probably what Louis Vuitton is following in terms of reinventing their iconic pieces. We’ve seen lots of stuff going on with the Speedy, Keepall, Lockit and the Alma is no exception.

Did you know that the Alma was inspired by the shape invented in the 1930′s by Gaston Vuitton the grandson of Monsieur Louis Vuitton? Now you know!

I dunno what was Gaston’s inspiration in designing the Alma’s shape. But I think it looks like a bell with an oblong base, very vintage! And Alma’s sexy curves are to die for! Anyway, combining the vintage sexiness and the sheer elegance of the Monogram Vernis, you’d get the the best bag in the world!

The Vernis version of the Alma is made from Monogram Vernis patent leather that has it’s distinct glossy look with embossed monogram peeping around every corner. Double zipper acts as an integral closure of the bag, with a padlock to provide extra security. If you look at the photo above, theres some sort of leather hanging; it’s called a Key Bell wherein the keys to the padlock is placed. The Key Bell is also removable and you can put it on or off depending on how you want it! The Vernis is a very sensitive type of leather and it can easily be damaged if not taken care of properly, so for protection, Alma’s base has bottom studs (or feet) so it’s safe to put it down. But I would still not recommend to place it in a dirty surface.

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Chiho Aoshima (青島千穂) sports her Vernis Alma in Amarante in the Murakami Exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum. Her Spring 08 outfit is just so adorable!

The Monogram Vernis Alma comes in two sizes: GM (8.6″ x 13.4″ x 20″) and MM(7.3″ x 11.2″ x 15.1″). As for the colors, both GM and MM comes in Pomme d’Amour, Amarante, and Violette. They’re available at Louis Vuitton for $2,500 (GM), $2,080 (MM).

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