Name-spiration: Trevi and Sunset Boulevard

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I dunno if it’s just me but I’m always wondering where or what was Louis Vuitton’s inspirations in naming their bags. I know a couple but I still need to research for the others, so here’s the first wave of ‘Name-spirations’:


TreviFountain Name spiration: Trevi and Sunset Boulevard

The elegant and sophisticated Trevi in Damier Canvas is inspired by the Trevi Fountain found in Rome, Italy. Because of this, the Damier Trevi exemplifies drama and grandeur, a stunning aesthetic spectacle!

Sunset Boulevard

SunsetBoulevard Name spiration: Trevi and Sunset Boulevard

Sunset Boulevard, a street in the western part of Los Angeles, California is the inspiration for the Vernis bag in it’s namesake. The street is an icon of Hollywood celebrity culture and the phrase “Sunset Boulevard” is an enduring shorthand for the glitz and the glamor associated with it. No wonder the Vernis Sunset Boulevard has an air of compelling charm!

That’s it for now but I still got more magic up in my sleeve so do visit I LVOE LV for more Name-spirations. Up next would be the Beaubourg and the Tadao!

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