Louis Vuitton Icons: The Alma

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Some bags seem destined for stardom. Though they are our ordinary, everyday companions, there is absolutely nothing ordinary or everyday about them. These bags have style – and more than style. A spirit. Perhaps even a soul.

Some have an illustrious past. They have accompanied the twists and turns of history, elegantly outlasted the vagaries of time and trends. Others have written their own success story, achieving cult status almost overnight.

All have a sense of identity so strong that – while they may adopt different sizes, colours or materials – their essence remains unchanged. These bags are individuals. It is only natural, therefore, that we should know them by their name.

Louis Vuitton presents its icons… first up, the Alma.

Alma Louis Vuitton Icons: The Alma[left to right] Alma NM bag in amarante Monogram Vernis, Monogram canvas, black crocodile, citron Epi leather, piment Epi leather, cyan Epi leather, figue Epi leather, prune électrique Epi leather

This most parisienne of icons began life as Gaston-Louis Vuitton’s “Squire Bag” in 1934. The subtlest of shifts saw it reborn, first as the Champs-Elysées, then as the Alma, named after the elegant, tree-lined square where the Avenue Montaigne meets the Seine. Its bold, architectural lines, inspired by the Art Deco movement, are as modern now as they were almost a century ago, and offer the perfect framework for the Alma’s many interpretations, from Monogram canvas to eye-popping Cuir Epi.

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