Most Popular Limited Edition Louis Vuitton Speedy Bags Preview Of Years

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Louis Vuitton Speedy Bags

Even thought, every year, Louis Vuitton will launch a set of new fashion handbags collection but some of classic model bag always launch every year, and they are always very popular and hot, like Speedy LV bags. Here, we list few most popular limited edition lv speedy bags of years below, take a view and tell us which one you had been hold on hand and which one you want to cop. available a chance to grab them in such nice price!

Louis Vuitton Spring / Summer 2012


The Louis Vuitton Denim Speedy Round bag first launched during the Spring/Summer 2012 show, it is actually different the original speedy bags, looks unique but keep the classic speedy shape which features leather edges and denim toile monogram print.

Louis Vuitton Fall / Winter 2007

Louis Vuitton Fall Winter 2007 speedy bags

In Louis Vuitton Fall Winter 2007 collection,we first view the limited edition Louis Vuitton Mirage Speedy 30 bag. Features in classic Monogram Canvas materilas in a unique faded red hue to the exterior.


Louis Vuitton Spring / Summer 2006


This colorful LV Multicolore Speedy 25tbag with tassels and iconic Lois Vuitton keychains appeared on the Spring Summer 2006 runqay in a tote variation. It is looks bright which perfect carry in summer season.

Louis Vuitton Fall / Winter 2012


The Stephen Sprouse Leopard Print LV Speedy 30 handbags launched on Fall Winter 2012 Louis Vuitton Collection, first view in on the runway which made of a soft textured fabric although on the runway in a larger form with textured fur material.

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