Louis Vuitton says – Go Nano!

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Just how small are we willing to go!?

As we’ve determined time and time again on PurseBop, we simply can’t get enough of small bags(and for very good reasons)! The smaller the better – mini, micro, and now even nano.

Louis Vuitton is feeding into our obsession for the teeny tiny and launching the Nano Bag Collection for the upcoming Fall/Winter 2015 line this Friday, July 3rd in stores, at least here in the US!


Of course, your heart probably skipped a beat at the word “nano”, but it gets even better. The Nano Bag collection features all of the classic, iconic bags in new downsized version. Expect to see your favorites:

  • The Nano Speedy
  • The Nano Alma Bag
  • The Nano Lockit Bag
  • The Nano Noe Bag
  • The Nano W Bag
  • The Nano Pallas Bag
  • The Nano Turenne Bag
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Louis Vuitton has always had knack for winning us over with adorable designs. The nano collection’s smaller sized bags offer even more possibilities for toting and accessorizing LV classics. Each nano sized bag features a long leather strap for versatile wear. Each style will come in similar colors and materials to their bigger companions.


Louis Vuitton Nano Collection Price Details:

Bag Price in USD
LV Nano Speedy $810
LV Nano Noe $810
LV Nano Turenne $1,060
LV Nano Alma Epi $1,110
LV Nano Pallas $1,110
LV Nano Lockit $1,720
LV Nano W $1,720

Are you ready for the nano craze!? Which is your favorite? I’m updating pictures as they become available here

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