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The latest design Louis Vuitton W handbags was deductive by Michelle Williams. Louis Vuitton’s latest advertising campaign spotlights its new handbag in a series of images photographed by Peter Lindergh. Louis Vuitton Shop online for the latest design and fashion model handbags in a nice price with high quality. The new Cheap LV Handbags, a graphic design in shape of a W, with its bold lines and innovative combination of materials, represents a fresh vision of the iconic Monogram. The enchanting beauty of Michelle Williams, who wears the sensual lace slips and mannish coats of Marc Jacobs’s Fall/Winter 2013 collection for Louis Vuitton, is revealed by Peter Lindbergh‘s sensitive and striking portraits.


Williams wears the lace slip dresses and coats from Marc Jacobs’s Fall 2013 collection in the ads, but the images — shot by photographer Peter Lindbergh — are actually meant to advertise twoLouis Vuitton handbags. The shots the brand released today feature its new W bag and are set to make their debut in the September issues of key fashion magazines. Another set of images featuring the Capucines bag will be out in October. Where to buy Louis Vuitton online for the great and most popular model handbags? At our Louis Vuitton online store, we always collect the latest design LV bags to lead the latest fashion trends.



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