Louis Vuitton Reggia Bag



Released around June 2014, an accessory that reminds you of the Delightful Bag, the Louis Vuitton Reggia Bag in Damier Canvas. Some say it’s between the Portobello and the Delightful, but one thing I am certain, it’s simple and comfortable.

The Reggia is not only made to look ‘pretty’, its ergonomic design and easy-access interior makes it a suitable everyday bag, especially when you have a busy lifestyle. Some say that it’s better structured than the Delightful handbag.

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It comes with an adjustable shoulder strap for shoulder carry or just use the handles. Poised and sophisticated with supple pleats design, featuring red microfiber lining with smooth cowhide leather trimmings, finished with shiny golden brass metallic, it’s a lovely handbag.

The bag opens and closes with a magnetic closure and can store all your daily essentials, it comes with an interior zipped pocket and 2 interior smartphone pockets. Measuring 15 x 11.8 x 6.3 inches

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Check Out Louis Vuitton’s Fun Cruise 2015 Bags, Now Available in Stores and Online



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Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Retiro Bag Reference Guide


Introducing the Louis Vuitton Retiro Bag. Made of Monogram Canvas, the bag has an adjustable and detachable shoulder strap. The bag’s shoulder pad is inspired by Louis Vuitton’s heritage. It has a zipped closure with microfibre lining. The Retiro Bag comes in two sizes, PM and NM. The PM size was launched in 2011. For 2015, Louis Vuitton has released the NM size for the Spring/Summer 2015 Collection with two additional colors, Coquelicot and Noir. This bag is perfect to use everyday with its roomy interior, and you can use it as a handbag, shoulder bag or cross body.

Louis Vuitton Retiro NM Bag




Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Retiro NM Bag $2,110.00 (USD) 13.4″ L x 10.2″ H x 7.1″ W

Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Retiro NM Bag

Louis Vuitton Coquelicot Retiro NM Bag

Louis Vuitton Noir Retiro NM Bag

Louis Vuitton Retiro PM Bag




Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Retiro PM Bag $1,960.00 (USD) 13.8″ L x 10.6″ H x 6.3″ W

Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Retiro PM Bag

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Louis Vuitton New Sneakers Design Inspired By Jordan And Kanye


1 Header-Louis-Vuitton-Trailblazer-Sneaker-Boot- 01 TAKE A LOOK AT THE LOUIS VUITTON TRAILBLAZER SNEAKER BOOT

According to Louis Vuitton, those there pair Louis Vuitton Trailblazers retail price will be set between $995 to $1990. If you like then, you can enjoy those sneakers on Louis Vuitton boutique and find more new lv bags on Cheap LV bags.

1 louis-vuitton-trailblazer-sneaker-boot 21 louis-vuitton-trailblazer-sneaker-boot 11 louis-vuitton-trailblazer-sneaker-boot 3

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Comparison Between the New and Old Louis Vuitton Speedy Bag


Louis Vuitton recently made some minor updates to the classic Speedy Bag. Although the change is very subtle, many Louis Vuitton collectors would easily identify the slight changes on the Speedy Bag. The classic design still remains the same and the overall look remains unchanged. Here is a look at the minor differences from the old Speedy to the new Speedy bag. For an enlarged picture, click on the photo.

Louis Vuitton Speedy Bag Changes


On the left is the old Speedy bag, notice the bag’s chaps (the leather connecting the bag’s handle) are flat, and the stitching is under the brass rivet.  On the right, the new Speedy bag shows that the chaps are now puffier.  The effect appears more prominent in the picture of the Damier Ebene; however, in person the Monogram Canvas would show that the chaps no longer lie entirely flat against the canvas.  The stitching on the new Speedy now appears above the rivet. The update is likely to increase the bag’s longevity as the wider reinforced stitching would make the handle more secure.

Another minor difference is the back of the leather pull for the zipper is now lined with leather versus unfinished in the original.


The differences between the two are very minimal. Yet some who knows the changes, would prefer the old version, while some chooses the new one. Whichever you choose, both styles are still beautiful. A timeless design that should not be missed.

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Louis Vuitton Spring Summer 2015 Ad Campaign

Louis Vuitton News


Though Louis Vuitton already presented their Spring Summer 2015 Collection on the runway, here’s another close-up preview.

The Spring Summer 2015 Collection is actually the upgrade version of the previous collection, the bags have been re-shaped, re-made and re-decorated. Nicolas Ghesquiere took lot of inspiration from the House’s Archives, which explains all those iconic-inspired handbags like the Petite Malle Shoulder Bag or the latest Louis Vuitton V Bag Collection.

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Are you read? Check out the newest Louis Vuitton Lady Bag – white is even sexier. It’s mixed with the famous monogram canvas. The style is chic and as its name says, very lady-like. A must have for sure.

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This is the Louis Vuitton Pochette Flap Bag, but in a brand-new cover – denim. An ultra-elegant handbag, ideal for the casual wear. It’s refined with golden hardware on the front, notice the LV logo on the front, it’s crafted in a 3D effect.


Red attracts attention, but when you add black in the background, then you need courage to carry it. For those that are bold, here’s a work of art – a new Louis Vuitton Tote bag in black and red monogram canvas.

So what do you think?




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