2014 Holiday Louis Vuitton Collection Gift Shop Guide

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Holiday is around the coner, Louis Vuitton also launch a set of gift including classic bags features
Speedy bags, Alma, Capucines handbags, New design collection bags features Twist, Petite Malle, Mask wallet, Chian Louise and More, Large Tote & Exotic, Small Leather Goods and Jewelry.

All of those Louis Vuitton Holiday 2014 Collection in bright colorway and fashionable design well
made bring a great time during the festival time. The Classic handbags like Alma, Speedy and
Capucines in timeless shape design with new color and size design offer more choice for LV fans. And the brand new design such as bag Twist, Masks and Petite Malle highly-anticipated by fashion
iconics. This time holiday sale to enjoy a great discount price. In the collection, we also can find
many of newest design including jewelry, shoes, purses, and other accessories from their classic
line for the latest collection and for fall 2014 and 2015 Cruise.

All of the size and price information show below, take a view and tell us which one in your wish
list to cop them this Black Friday? Continue reading Cheap LV Bags for more Holiday gift shop guide.

Classic Bags 1 Louis-Vuitton-CobaltFuchsia-Capucines-MM-and-Bleuet-Capucines-BB-Bags 31 Louis-Vuitton-Damier-Ebene-Speedy-35Monogram-Canvas-Neverfull-PM-Bags-11 Louis-Vuitton-EpiMalletage-Twist-Bags 41 Louis-Vuitton-Monogram-VernisEpi-Alma-PM-Bags- 21 Classic Bags 5

New Collection Bags

1 New Collection Bags 61 New Collection Bags size 7

Large Totes & Exotic

1 Large Totes & Exotic 81 Large Totes & Exotic size 9

Small Leather Goods

1 Small Leather Goods 101 Small Leather Goods size 11

Jewelry 1 Jewelry 121 Jewelry 131 Jewelry size 13

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2015 Spring/Summer Louis Vuitton’s Men Formal Wear Preview

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We are soon enter into the last season of 2014, and when people are crazy searching holiday gift for Thanksgiving Day and Christmas in the big deals on Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale Promotion season. The 2015 Spring Summer collection help you know latest fashion trends and keep you charming anytime.

Here, we will introduce you newest Louis Vuitton Men’s Formal Wear for Spring-Summer 2015. There are numerous different style Men’s Suit make you looks handsome, professional and taste. The following images feature ideal menswear suits with sharp tailoring and impeccable fit.

From the pictures, we knew that if you wear them, you are about to see strong lines, classic silhouettes and ideal looks for wearing at work and special events. For every men, a suitable suits is must-have in their wardrobe. Take a view below and tell us which set you like and you also can find more LV men handbags to match it on Cheap LV Bags for Black Friday discount price!

1 Louis Vuitton M32932 Porte Documents Business Ardoise 1

Louis Vuitton M32932 Porte Documents Business Ardoise
Material: Taiga Leather
Fuction: Briefcases And Work Bags
Model: M32932
Color: Ardoise
Size: 15.7 x 11.4 x 3.0 inches
Special Price: $240.99

1 Louis Vuitton N41456 Skyline Tote Black

Louis Vuitton N41456 Skyline Tote Black
Material: Damier Graphite Canvas
Fuction: Briefcases And Work Bags
Model: N41456
Color: Black
Size: 14.2 x 13.8 x 12.6 inches
Special Price: $252.99


1 2015 Spring Summer Louis Vuitton's Men Formal Wear Preview 2

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Louis Vuitton Holiday 2014 Collection and Gift Guide

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Louis Vuitton has recently revealed their Holiday 2014 Collection entitled “Every Gift Begins With a Wish“. The collection features handbags, jewelry, shoes, wallets and other accessories from their Classic line to the newest collections (Fall 2014 and Cruise 2015). Louis Vuitton presents gift ideas for Men and Women. It includes the brand’s latest designs like the Twist Bags, Mask Collection and Petite Malle Bag. From the Classic Line are Damier Ebene Speedy, Monogram Canvas Neverull and Alma Bags.  The most notable items are the new V series of Jewelry from Cruise 2015.

Check out the full selection products for Women below with the full prices listed. You can also view the full selection directly at Louis Vuitton.

For more options make sure to also check-out the new HOLIDAY SHOP.

Classic Bags

Louis Vuitton Damier Ebene Speedy 35/Monogram Canvas Neverfull PM Bags

Louis Vuitton Monogram Vernis/Epi Alma PM Bags

Louis Vuitton Cobalt/Fuchsia Capucines MM and Bleuet Capucines BB Bags

Louis Vuitton Epi/Malletage Twist Bags



Louis Vuitton Damier Ebene Speedy 35 Bag $990.00 (USD)
Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Neverfull PM Bag $1,180.00 (USD)
Louis Vuitton Monogram Vernis Alma PM Bag $2,350.00 (USD)
Louis Vuitton Epi Alma PM Bag $2,120.00 (USD)
Louis Vuitton Capuciness MM Bag $5,600.00 (USD)
Louis Vuitton Capuciness BB Bag $4,400.00 (USD)
Louis Vuitton Epi Twist Bag $3,250.00 (USD)
Louis Vuitton Twist Malletage Bag $3,550.00 (USD)

New Collection Bags



Louis Vuitton Epi Petite Malle Bag $5,200.00 (USD)
Louis Vuitton Mask Card Holder $455.00 (USD)
Louis Vuitton Mask Pochette PM Bag $3,400.00 (USD)
Louis Vuitton Mask Sarah Wallet $1,310.00 (USD)
Louis Vuitton Chain Louise MM Bag $2,530.00 (USD)
Louis Vuitton Monogram Vernis Chaine Wallet $1,140.00 (USD)
Louis Vuitton Monogram Empreinte Montaigne MM Bag $3,250.00 (USD)
Louis Vuitton Pallas Bag $2,490.00 (USD)
Louis Vuitton Pallas Chain Bag $2,260.00 (USD)
Louis Vuitton Pallas Wallet $1,140.00 (USD)

Large Totes & Exotic



Louis Vuitton Monogram Vernis Lockit PM Bag $2,580.00 (USD)
Louis Vuitton Lockit MM Bag $4,250.00 (USD)
Louis Vuitton Epi Sarah Wallet $840.00 (USD)
Louis Vuitton Epi Marly BB Bag $2,350.00 (USD)
Louis Vuitton Damier Ebene Rivoli MM Bag $2,570.00 (USD)
Louis Vuitton Black/Python Lockme Bag $4,450.00 (USD)
Louis Vuitton Midnight Sun Pump $1,210.00 (USD)
Louis Vuitton Keepall Bandoulière 50 Bag $1,740.00 (USD)

Small Leather Goods



Louis Vuitton Monogram Vernis Zippy Wallet $970.00 (USD)
Louis Vuitton Epi Zippy Wallet $905.00 (USD)
Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Zippy Wallet $805.00 (USD)
Louis Vuitton Fountain Pen Carte Du Tendre $1,020.00 (USD)
Louis Vuitton Ink Bottle $52.00 (USD)
Louis Vuitton LV Groom Square $485.00 (USD)
Louis Vuitton Parure Sandal $1,710.00 (USD)




Louis Vuitton Close To Me Cuff PM $1,290.00 (USD)
Louis Vuitton Gold Essential V Pendant $720.00 (USD)
Louis Vuitton Gold Essential V Cuff $1,070.00 (USD)
Louis Vuitton Petite Malle Open Pendant $6,800.00 (USD)
Louis Vuitton Yellow Gold and Lemon Quartz Emprise Pendant $14,000.00 (USD)
Louis Vuitton White Gold and Diamonds Emprise Large Ring $9,900.00 (USD)
Louis Vuitton White Gold and Diamonds Emprise Medium Ring $4,550.00 (USD)
Louis Vuitton Pink Gold Mini Ring $920.00 (USD)
Louis Vuitton Emprise Watch 23 MM $8,000.00 (USD)
Louis Vuitton Pink Gold Lockit Bracelet $8,200.00 (USD)
Louis Vuitton Pink Gold Lockit Ring $2,830.00 (USD)
Louis Vuitton Lockit Pendant $7,800.00 (USD)
Louis Vuitton Tambour Monogram Watch $9,100.00 (USD)

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Louis Vuitton The Icon and the Iconoclasts Available For Sale In New York

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1 louis vuitton

In the upcoming new season of 2014-15, the Icon and The Iconoclasts collection is a special
project instigated by Louis Vuitton to celebrate the iconic Monogram. There were six famous
designer include Frank Gehry, Rei Kawakubo, Karl Lagerfeld, Christian Louboutin, Marc Newson
and Cindy Sherman also designed their personally inspired bag or luggage for the iconic
Monogram. And now, they are launched in New York and available for sale.

To design the Icon and the Iconoclasts by Louis Vuitton is to celebrated their 160th
anniversary and it is held in New York same launch the set of iconic monogram collection. It
was held at the Museum of Modern Art, an exclusive party with only 160 guests invited. Below,
we are show of the guests along with their initilas for Louis Vuitton’s Instagram account. Take
a view and keep reading Cheap LV Bags for more new louis vuitton bags update!

1 louis vuitton 21 The-Icon-and-the-Iconoclasts 3

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Creative Stories for Louis Vuitton Monogram Iconoclasts Collection

Louis Vuitton News

Those time, we always talk about the six limited and unique model handbags in 2014 New Louis Vuitton Iconoclasts Monogram collection. We all know those six different shape bags made by six famous designer which well known different field. Those six model bags totally in a different shape but did you know the Creative Stories for those bags either?

Gordon Von Steiner, Colin Dodgson, Jennifer Livingston, Michael Avedon, Johnny Dufort and Pierre Debusschere, they are good at different field, but all of them use their talent for the bag and express different meanding. So, here is the creative story for each models LV Monogram Iconoclasts below. Take a view and continue reading Cheap LV Bags for more new Louis Vuitton items sale for discount!

Christian Louboutin by Gordon Von Steiner

1 Christian Louboutin by Gordon Von Steiner 1

Karl Lagerfeld by Colin Dodgson

1 Karl Lagerfeld by Colin Dodgson 2

Rei Kawakubo by Jennifer Livingston

1 Rei Kawakubo by Jennifer Livingston 3

Frank Gehry by Pierre Debusschere

1 Frank Gehry by Pierre Debusschere 4

Marc Newson by Michael Avedon

1 Marc Newson by Michael Avedon 5

Cindy Sherman by Johnny Dufort

1 Cindy Sherman by Johnny Dufort 6

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Street Snaps: Louis Vuitton Rio de Janeiro Tote

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Not so long ago, we featured a post about the Louis Vuitton Articles de Voyage, a limited edition tote bag for the perfect summer. Great for shopping and excellent as a beach bag. Carry it with slippers on!

Then a few weeks later, we talked about the new Louis Vuitton Articles de Voyage, special edition in Rio de Janeiro style. Instead of the print ‘Malletier 101, Champs-Elysees’, they changed it to: ‘Rio de Janeiro, Louis Vuitton Barra Da Tijuca’ or the ‘Louis Vuitton Ipanema’, both are addresses of the Louis Vuitton physical store in Brazil.

Very creative.

But we wanted you to see more than model pictures, like always. And it’s even better to have someone wear it and model it, so you can get a good look of how it truly looks like.

Put your sunglasses on and a white summer dress, are you ready? Looking through these images make this bag even more attractive. It’s made from Canvas, in case you wonder. I love that the color is not entirely white, but light beige, which is perfect when combined with red.

To check out more information, please go to Louis Vuitton Cabas Rio de Janeiro Tote Bag or Louis Vuitton ‘Articles de Voyage’ Canvas Bag.

There are three sizes available:

MM: 18.9 x 11.4 x 7.1 inches – 1,750 USD / €1.150
PM: 13.4 x 8.3 x 7.1 inches – 1,520 USD / €1.000
GM: 22.0 x 12.6 x 7.9 inches – $1,790 USD / €1.300

It’s sold-out online, so you need to run to your nearest boutique.



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