Louis Vuitton Deesse PM Bag in Red Alligator Leather
Size: 11” x 9.1” x 4.7” inches
Price: $23,500 USD, €18,000 EUR

A bag that’s perfect for day-to-evening wear? You bet! Presenting, the Louis Vuitton Deesse Bag, another fab piece that’s worth bragging about!

Available in different colors and materials to choose from, we know you’ll have a hard time picking just one from these babies (ostrich or alligator, they’re all good!). Also, there are different sizes to choose from, so depending on your needs for space, you may want to consider one that’s suited for you. Office divas may have lots of stuff to carry, so perhaps a GM is the way to go? Or if it’s for casual day-outs, a PM would usually do.

These bags have magnetic closure, which keep all of your personal effects intact. Also, Toron handles are present for hand or elbow carry, and there’s also an interior flat pocket inside which gives you more ease in organization. Adorned with only the finest gold hardware, you’ll dazzle with glee wearing one!

You can get your very own Deesse bag now via Louis Vuitton online boutique.


Louis Vuitton Deesse GM Bag in Black Ostrich Leather
Size: 13” x 5.5” x 10.2” inches
Price: $18,000 USD


Louis Vuitton Deesse GM Bag in Black Alligator Leather
Size: 13” x 5.5” x 10.2” inches
Price: $39,500 USD

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Louis Vuitton Debuts Absolutely Gorgeous Crocodile and Alligator Bags


Louis Vuitton Deesse PM Blue

We’ve known for a while that exotic handbags would figure prominently in Louis Vuitton’s bid to capture more top-tier accessories customers, and now we’re getting an idea of just how prominent they’ll be. Vuitton has added five new alligator and crocodile bags to its website, including the $31,000 Louis Vuitton Deesse MM Crocodile Tote, the most expensive of the group. The prices, of course, are not surprising (especially compared to Hermes), but the fact that several of the bags are utterly perfect might be.

I don’t use superlatives like that often, but the Desse, which was originally produced in Monogram Vernis, and the Rossmore PM shoulder bag are both seriously stunning odes to luxurious minimalism. Not only do they fit perfectly into the industry’s current aesthetic trends, but they resist the ostentatious branding that has makes many people shy away from even some of LV’s most beautiful pieces. The shoulder bags get a bit of understated hardware engraving, but the totes and the NN 14 bag, first seen on the brand’s Spring 2014 runway, lack any branding that we can see from the company’s stock photos. That sort of restraint, mixed with these best-of-the-best materials, is exactly what Louis Vuitton needs in order to charm the world’s most sought-after luxury consumers.

It’s also interesting that Vuitton has chosen to display (although not sell) these bags on its website. In the past, Vuitton’s most exclusive pieces were kept off of the site’s visual inventory, their existence known only to those who watch the brand closely. Changing public perception means making these kinds of bags visible, right alongside Monogram Canvas. We know which ones we prefer, but our wallets have other ideas. Check out all the colors and shapes, along with price information, below.

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