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World-renowned architect, Frank Gehry, winner of the 1989 Pritzker Prize, is turning his talents to the design of window displays for the first time. In September, Louis Vuitton store windows will feature Gehry’s sculptures alongside its Fall/Winter 2014 collection.

Strongly inspired by stylish schooners of the past, the sculptures are made from wooden structures covered in metal. “They are like sails filled by a following wind. We’ve called them Wind Wings,” explains the architect.

Bulging oblong, metal hulls are curved, twisted, exaggerated and grouped together. They partially cover one another, rolling against each other, nestled together, caressing one another. They stand like caparisoned horses, or shell-patterned mantillas. They are at once sails and hulls.

Shells, casings and armour alongside corsets and sheath dresses… The sculptures pay tribute to both architecture and fashion, two arts that protect the human body. The sculptures are static yet capture a sense of movement. Frank Gehry believes that architecture and sculpture must be dynamic.

From September, the Louis Vuitton window displays will dance on imaginary waves.

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Crafted in tones of blue, grey, brown and rosewood, these sculptures are pearlescent, gleaming, iridescent in the light and splattered with reflective glints; they are almost liquid in places and bear a resemblance to the work of Frank Stella, another Frank and close friend of Gehry’s, (the architect himself acknowledges the similarity).

By creating subtle combinations, these basic elements can be used to vary the groups of sculptures. Like a composer with musical notes, a conductor with his musicians, Frank Gehry uses his metal sails to bring elegance and lightness to the Louis Vuitton window displays.

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Passers-by and visitors will be able to view exclusive content when they scan the window displays with their mobile phones using the Louis Vuitton Pass app.

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