The Louis Vuitton Dora Revisits Us This Fall


A A few months ago, PurseBop introduced you to a Louis Vuitton favorite, which we like to lovingly refer to as the “The Darling Dora Tote“. The LV Dora Tote Bag was first introduced in the Fall/Winter 2014 collection under the creative direction of Nicolas Ghesquire. Since then, the Dora has remained dear in our hearts because of her chic timelessness. Much to our luck, The Dora tote is  revisiting us in the new Fall/Winter 2015 collection.

dora back

This fall the Dora comes in a variety of new colors, textures, and even SIZES! The handbag world has proclaimed small is the new big with the mini handbag trend. The powerhouse Louis Vuitton was quick to follow suit with the tiny trend as seen by the Nano collection. This season the Dora tote will be available in MM, PM, BB, and a new mini size.

louis-vuitton-dora-mini-malletage-malletage-leather-fashion-shows--M50821_PM2_Front view
louis-vuitton-dora-mini-malletage-malletage-leather-fashion-shows--M50821_PM1_Interior view

Louis Vuitton Dora Tote Bag Size Chart

Sizes Dimensions (L x H x W)
MM 14.2 x 9.4 x 5.9 inches
PM 12.6 x 8.3 x 5.5 inches
BB 10.2 x 8.3 x 4.7 inches
Mini 9.4 x 7.1 x 4.3 inches

Louis Vuitton Dora Size Comparison (Large to Small)

dora size 1

New Louis Vuitton Dora Tote Styles

The mini Dora comes in the iconic Malletage pattern Ghesquiere introduced in his first Louis Vuitton collection ever as creative director. The Malletage pattern is an allusion to the details on classic LV trunks. Malletage is made of lambskin leather and is highly dimensional and polished, which adds an elegant flair to the Dora tote. The Dora Mini in Malletage comes in a rich red color called “Carmine” and classic “Noir” this season. The mini is also offered with pink trim this season in monogram canvas.

Another new rendition of the Dora this Fall is the “ultra soft” leather MM tote. The ultra soft Dora is crafted from Taurillon leather, which has a big, visible grains and a supple feel. The texture of the leather attributes to the softer, rounder corners of this Dora, and lends to an overall less structured look.

Aside from the mini version and ultra soft styles, the Dora is available in different bicolor options and crocodile leathers.

*availability of certain styles, sizes, and colors depends on region

louis-vuitton-dora-pm-fashion-shows--M50514_PM2_Front view
louis-vuitton-dora-ultra-soft-mm-fashion-shows--M50473_PM2_Front view
louis-vuitton-dora-ultra-soft-mm-icons--M50472_PM2_Front view
louis-vuitton-dora-pm-crocodile-brillant-fashion-shows--N91988_PM2_Front view (1)
louis-vuitton-dora-bb-crocodile-brillant-icons--N92390_PM2_Front view
louis-vuitton-dora-pm-crocodile-brillant-icons--N92027_PM2_Front view
louis-vuitton-dora-pm-crocodile-brillant-special-handbags--N91692_PM2_Front view

Louis Vuitton Dora Price Chart

Louis Vuitton Dora Bag Price in USD
Louis Vuitton Dora Monogram Mini Bag $2,820
Louis Vuitton Dora Monogram PM Bag $3,550
Louis Vuitton Dora Monogram MM Bag $3,950
Louis Vuitton Dora Mini Malletage Bag $4,150
Louis Vuitton Dora PM Malletage Bag $4,550
Louis Vuitton Dora Soft BB Bag $4,150
Louis Vuitton Dora Ultra Soft MM Bag $4,700
Louis Vuitton Dora Crocodile MM Bag $50,000

The Darling Dora has shown her charm once again! Are you smitten?

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Louis Vuitton Debuts a Softer Version of the Dora Bag



Since arriving at Louis Vuitton for the Fall 2014 collection, creative director Nicolas Ghesquiere has overseen the creation of a handful of new handbag designs the company hopes will attract luxury shoppers who feel ambivalent about the company’s traditional monogram offerings. The Louis Vuitton Dora Bag has been the brand’s marquee satchel, and now it’s getting a slouchier update.

The Louis Vuitton Dora Ultra Soft Bag MM feels more casual than its stiff-sided predecessor; the original Dora was a bag that you’d want to carry into some sort of high-powered business meeting, and this version, especially in lush burgundy leather, is a bag that could do double duty in the office and on the weekends. It’s a bag that reflects how women actually live their lives, which has been one of Ghesquiere’s themes at Vuitton.

The dimensions of the original Dora and the Ultra Soft version are the same (14.2″ W x 9.4″ D x 5.4″ H), and the prices are almost the same: $4,700 for the new, single color soft bag in Taurillon leather, $4,650 for the closest equivalent in the original calfskin. If you’re already paying nearly five grand for a handbag, I’d wager that the extra $50 doesn’t matter.

I’ve always felt somewhat ambivalent about the original Dora, but I loved the Ultra Soft as soon as I laid eyes on it. The Taurillon leather provides the bag with just the right amount ofgive to make it look like it’s not trying so hard, which is exactly the ease and versatility most customers want in a satchel of this size. It was the perfect tweak to expand the Dora’s potential audience.

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The Mini Dora is essentially a one-of-a-kind basic piece that’s sure to keep some eyes glued on your every move. Why, you may ask? Because it has a super sleek yet feminine design that’s worth a second (or third… or fourth…) look! Knowing how LV consistently gives us some iconic leather babies, we’re pretty sure that you’ll also love the Mini Dora. It may be mini, but it is major when it comes to flair and craftsmanship.

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Today, we’re going to focus on two variations: The Dora Mini Malletage, and the basic Dora Mini, which are both lovable pieces.


Dora Mini Malletage
Size: 9.4” x 7.1” x 4.3” inches (L x H x W)
Price: $4150 USD or €2800 EUR

The Dora Mini Malletage features a luxe lambskin exterior with calfskin trim that’s set to raise the bar in artisan bag design. Where else could you get a bag with a tactile dimensional effect? Thought so, too. It features a removable, adjustable strap with golden color metallic pieces. It even has a leather luggage tag with metallic LV signature, a testament to the quality of this piece. Inside, there are two pockets which add to its functionality.


Dora Mini
Size: 9.4” x 7.1” x 4.3” inches (L x H x W)
Price: $2820 USD or €2000 EUR

Basic as it is, the Dora Mini is never the plain ol’ piece in this duo – it features the iconic monogram canvas framed and accented by bright pink leather. How cute can this get? It features the same functionality as the Malletage, with a double zip closure, double inside pockets and a large inside pocket. This piece may come off as a mini, but it could be too much to handle. Mindblown yet?

You can get your very own Dora Mini bags via Louis Vuitton online boutique.

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Louis Vuitton Dora Mini Bag size For Fall / Winter 2015


This Fall 2015, Louis Vuitton introduces new styles, sizes and colors for the Dora Bag. The Dora Bag is one of the creations of Nicolas Ghesquière for his debut collection during the Fall/Winter 2014 runway show. Since then, it has been included in every collection in various styles. This season, Louis Vuitton presents the Dora Ultra Soft which is made of taurillon leather. It has soft and rounded lines with a supple and grainy texture. To keep up with the mini bag trend, Louis Vuitton introduces the Dora Mini, which comes in Monogram Canvas and the Malletage pattern. New colors include Pink and Carmine the blends perfectly with the gold hardware.

For more information on All the Dora Bag Styles, check out the Full Guide Here.

Style, Price and Size



Louis Vuitton Dora Mini Bag $2,820.00 (USD)
Louis Vuitton Dora PM Malletage Bag $4,550.00 (USD)
Louis Vuitton Dora Mini Malletage Bag $4,150.00 (USD)



Louis Vuitton Dora PM Bag    $3,550.00 (USD)
Louis Vuitton Dora PM Malletage Bag    $4,550.00 (USD)
Louis Vuitton Dora Ultra Soft MM Bag    $4,700.00 (USD)
Louis Vuitton Crocodile Dora Bag $50,000.00 (USD)

Source: Louis Vuitton

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Meet the Louis Vuitton Dora Ultra Soft Bag.

And you’re right, it’s belongs to the Louis Vuitton Dora Bag Collection, but the style is different and unique. The shape is more round and because of this, it deserves its own page on BRAGMYBAG.

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The sides of the Dora Ultra Soft Bag have the curves like a woman. It’s crafted in rich Taurillon Leather, and it adds a happy pop of color to our neutral wardrobes. This is the newest version, which is made soft with rounded lines that highlight the skin’s supple feel and distinctive grain.

The MM size has plenty of space for all your essentials and it’s the perfect accessory for everyday. Because of the leather strap (which can be removed) and the handles, it can be carried by hand, over our shoulder or even on your elbow.

It comes with a leather luggage tag and with metal LV signature on it, the interior features double pocket and large pocket. Measuring 36 x 24 x 15 cm, priced at $5450 AUD via Louis Vuitton boutique.


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Louis Vuitton Fall / Winter 2015 Lookbook featuring Monogram Canvas Dora

Louis Vuitton News

Louis Vuitton has recently released the Fall/Winter 2015 Lookbook after the very successful runway show held at the Fondation Louis Vuitton. The cookbook entitled “Ladies At The Bath” was shot by Juergen Teller at the Hotel Raphael and Louis Vuitton Headquarters in Paris. It features the brand’s latest collection as well as the accessories seen on the runway. The mini trunk that was very much talked about from the collection was seen here in transparent with black leather trimmings. Also, the Louis Vuitton Dora Tote bag is made in Monogram Canvas with very red velvet trim on the edges.

Source: Louis Vuitton

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