Louis Vuitton Replica Kids


Piper Palin carrying her fake Louis Vuitton bag

Piper Palin: A little Mcdonalds and a fake Louis Vuittonbag.

By now a lot of people have seen this picture of the ex vice president to-be (or not to-be) Sarah Palin’s daughter Piper carrying a
Louis Vuitton replica bag. Maybe some of you have also seen what I’ve been seeing out on the town way more lately? Kids, tons of them, all carrying fake Louis Vuitton purses.

Well, if it’s true that our political leaders set moral standards…maybe they also set the fashion standards? And when the two things are mixed everyone gets disoriented. When a kid carries a Louis Vuitton replica into Mcdonald’s and orders a Happy Meal I have to admit; I have to hand it to that kid. After all, who’s going to criticize a kid for having a replica purse?

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