Louis Vuitton Pastilles Chains Key Ring


Dress up your bags with the Pastilles Chains Key Ring! It’s part of the Pastilles collection which has pretty pastel-coloured enamel charms hanging from the golden brass chain. Along with the enamels, this key chain and bag charm also features an LV padlock and Monogram flower motifs. It comes in two colors Pink and Brown but IMO, Pink is so much sweeter! If you’d hang it in your bags (whether in Monogram, Damier, Watercolor, etc), it would definitely pop out and looks so attractive! Available at Louis Vuitton for $450.

UPDATE: The Pastilles Chains Key Ring now comes in 2 new colors, Multicolore andPalladium. The colors of the Multicolore charms are the same of that of the Multicolore bags linked together by a golden hardware while the Palladium comes in silver hardware with darker colored charms.

PastillesChainsKeyRingPalladium Louis Vuitton Pastilles Chains Key Ring

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