Louis Vuitton Playtime Bag Charms


Add a touch of fun to any bag with the Louis Vuitton Playtime Bag Charms! These colorful and eye-catching bag charms comes in two pieces. First is the Key Ring (pictured above) which has these cute little letters in different sizes and colors hanging from the chain and playfully spells out Louis Vuitton. Second is an adorable Bag Charm (pictured after the jump) with a large LV logo and two Monogram flowers with their shapes reminiscent to a child’s toy. They’re absolutely lovely!

Playtime Bag Charms are crafted from golden metal, lacquer and resin, with a snap hook engraved with the Louis Vuitton signature. They’re available at Louis Vuitton stores for US$500and US$310 for the Key Ring and Bag Charm respectively.

S000M6620100Z0 Louis Vuitton Playtime Bag Charms

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