2014 Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer High Heel Preview


Even though it is still be wintertime, But Louis Vuitton has been launched the upcoming Sweet Monogram Collection for Valentine’s day and fashionista worth her weight in LV monograms knows the value of Spring Summer 2014. In Spring Time, true to the ethos of fashion, has unveiled, and those Louis Vuitton Women Shoes worth you expect in the season.

To meet all required about fashion and practical, those new LV High Heels combines the contemporary and the classic in an array of chic selections. Inspired by the idea of Luxury transatlanic cruise aboard the legendary Le France, it takes its sleek straightness with a dash of golden. There are many of colorway design about those new LV Spring/Summer Women shoes in a heights available 10.5 cm and 8cm. Also, You can shop real lv bags at purselvforum.com for a nice price, free shipping!

LV Spring Summer 2014 High Heel

LV Spring Summer 2014 High Heel

2014 Louis Vuitton Women Shoes

2014 Louis Vuitton Women Shoes

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Louis Vuitton Fall Preview Monogram Mirage


scarlett johansson louis vuitton3

Confession time! I have a girl crush on Scarlett Johannsen. I know some of you might not agree, but just look at that ad! The flowing blond hair, the gorgeous color palette; GOTCHA; this isn’t a celebrity blog, this is a Purse Blog, right? Well move your eyes down a little and check out that bag! My heart stopped a beat when I first saw it on the runway months ago, and now that the print campaign is here my bank account’s heart has also stopped.

The new Louis Vuitton Monogram Mirage line has done the impossible by turning the boring monogram canvas into a true work of art. Notice that the LV monogram pattern gradually fades the closer it gets to the top of the bag. This is a process in photography know as degrade. There are also a couple new styles of bags being released in this line, most notably the Griet, which is shown in the ad above.

Now is the time to break the bad news to you. Like everything else in the Louis Vuitton world, these bags are coming to a store near you with a hefty price tag! OK;.they are gorgeous bags, and yes they are limited edition bags;but I am still sticker-shocked by a price of (I’d advise you to sit down) $8,850 for an alligator trimmed canvas (say it with me people) yes canvas bag! But no fear, the average everyday person can snap up the Speedy 30 for a mere $1,800. Remember, these prices are subject to change (i.e. increase) before release.

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