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The vachetta leather that is seen on many Louis Vuitton bags, such as the Alma, Speedy, Houston, Tivoli, etc, has very unique properties. When a bag is new, the vachetta leather is very light in color. Over time, due to age, moisture, wear and sunlight, the leather develops a patina and deepens in color. Many people prefer the vachetta to darken to a honey color, while others love the crisp light color of new vachetta. Either way, over time, the Louis Vuitton's vachetta leather will darken even without use. Here's a trick to lighten it up.

Louis Vuitton vachetta patina leather darkening stages

Please note that we have only used this trick on bags that had darkened vachetta leather. Do not use this on nearly new Louis Vuitton, as the leather would not need lightening and the wipes may cause premature darkening.

oil alcohol free baby wipes

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This is so easy! All you need is baby wipes! The only caveat is that the baby wipes must not have oil, alcohol, or fragrance. Just check the ingredients list on the back. No oil, because this has a tendency to darken leather. No alcohol or fragrance, as this has the tendency to dry out leather. Baby wipes are ideal, because they're super gentle, nourishing and cleansing.

cleaning lightening Louis Vuitton vachetta patina leather

All you need to do is apply some pressure and wipe. The cloth wipe will most likely pick up slight yellow, orange, or brown color, depending on how dark the vachetta is.

wet Louis Vuitton vachetta leather

After you have thoroughly wiped down the vachetta leather, it will temporarily be darker due to dampness. Don't fret, just allow the leather to dry.

Louis Vuitton vachetta patina leather darkening lightening before and after

Before (left), After (right)

After drying, you'll notice that the leather is slightly lighter in color. This trick will also make the vachetta more matte (the way that it was originally), help even out blotchy patina, and may diminish some water staining. Also, it is perfect for cleaning epi leather and monogram canvas.

If you want to slow down the darkening of vachetta leather, remember to always keep the bag away from moisture. When the bag is not in use, store it in its dustbag or a pillowcase, away from moisture and light.

If you want to know how to darken the patina of your vachetta, stick around. We'll focus on that topic in the future.

Hope you enjoyed this tip. Have you done this before? Do you have your own tricks for leather? If so, please share. :)

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