Louis Vuitton Wilshire Bag in Monogram Canvas



It was not until I re-looked at the Louis Vuitton Wilshire PM NM bag, that my heart got stuck somewhere between love and obsession. Should I get it, ouch but I am waiting for the next collection to be released, you know, the Louis Vuitton Cruise 2015 Bags.

But you should always remember that Louis Vuitton never cut out their classic bags, the Wilshire tote is one of them. Oh wait, I actually shouldn’t say ‘never’, not after what they’ve done to the Galliera bag, they’ve discontinued it. You bad boy, you naughty Louis Vuitton, why did you do that?

The lesson is: ‘if your favorite bag is still on the shelf next year and you’ve got a must-have seasonal tote on your wish list, buy the seasonal first’. This is a proven strategy, when well executed, will enhance your productivity on shopping spree.

The Louis Vuitton Wilshire tote is a sophisticated everyday bag, embellished with the iconic Monogram Canvas. I am truly in love with the size PM, which is basically more or less perfect. A classic shape, with a handwritten Louis Vuitton signature tag on the center. The interior is colored in chocolate, an elegant way to carry your essentials.

Measuring 11.8’ x 7.1’ x 4.3’ inches, it comes in three sizes:

Louis Vuitton Wilshire PM NM (on the wish list): $1,200 USD; $9,900 HKD; $1,380 AUD
Louis Vuitton Wilshire MM NM: $1,500 USD; $12,400 HKD; $1,730 AUD
Louis Vuitton Wilshire GM NM: $1,650 USD; $13,700 HKD; $1,910 AUD

Available at Louis Vuitton e-store or at their boutique.



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Louis Vuitton Porte-Trésor International in Vernis


Why eat candy if you can have the Porte-Trésor International in Monogram Vernis? These wallets are just luscious, it’s like a ripe berry sumptuously oozing with sweetness. I really do think that the Vernis line is so yummy (along with the Damier of course)!

PTIOpen Louis Vuitton Porte Trésor International in Vernis

The Porte-Trésor International wallet in Monogram Vernis canvas offers chic and modern organization. Its snap closure keeps your pens, credit cards, bills, change and papers safe. It’s definitely very helpful to those people who are not gifted with the talent for organizing stuff. Since I’ve been into Vuitton, I’m really curious why this wallet is called Porte-Trésor International so I’ve used the handy-dandy Google Translator and it means “the Door to the Treasury“… hmm, that makes sense.

According to my newly recieved Louis Vuitton Le Catalogue Maroquinerie from Francis ofLouis Vuitton LVoer which i’d be talking about later, the Porte-Trésor International comes in three colors; Pomme d’Amour, Perle and the now discontinued Noisette which is gold/tan in color. Replacing the Noisette is the the Amarante which is my personal fave.

PTIOpen Louis Vuitton Porte Trésor International in Vernis

The Porte-Trésor International has 10 credit card slots, two long pockets for bills and papers, inside coin pocket with snapped flap closure and a pen case. It measures 7.5″ x 4.1″ and is available at Louis Vuitton for $660.

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